Digital Strategy
Digital Strategy is an imperative for any organisation to be competitive, sustainable and for nuturing customer satisfaction in these rapidly changing and unpredictable times.
Customers demand quality
Customers want quality from the products and services you provide. Suppliers expect buying to be timeous and accurate. Employees want to work with stable and easy-to-use systems which enhance their effiency and assist them in making better decisions.
Speed and accuracy
Speed and accuracy in your systems is vital in a first-to-market approach where your company's ability to react to customers' needs faster than your competitors gives you a tangible business advantage.
Reliable and accessible
Reliable and easily accesible information applied in efficient business processes is fundamental to increasing business outputs and improving growth.

Data Management and

Organisations are becoming increasingly reliant on efficient business processes, enabled by robust applications and aided by dependable decision support tools. Repetitive data capture must be avoided and single point-of-entry is the order the day to prevent transactions being unnecessarily, inefficiently and inaccurately recaptured.
Left unchecked, such repetitive data capture results in an erosion of accuracy and islands of information which end up being disparate and non-integrated. The arising data disconnect means that employees spend hours - even days - consolidating and manipulating data for management reporting purposes. This diverts personnel from their more important work responsibilities and is costly to businesses.
GSD helps our clients to overcome these challenges by addressing four digital strategy imperatives.

Four Digital Strategy Imperatives

First Key: Interaction.

Internal and External

The level and rate at which we as humans interact with our systems, our employees and our business partners is forever increasing. Such interaction happens both internally and externally where people and systems need to link easily and efficiently.
Internal interaction needs to take place smoothly with faster transaction times and fewer process bottlenecks so that your business runs optimally. GSD has a wealth of business systems and process experience to help you to get the most out of your people and their use of your systems.
The digital enabling of external interaction with end-customers, business partners and subsidiaries is a strategic necessity in the 21st century. The flow of information between you and these parties needs to be as efficient and reliable as possible.

Whether your external interaction involves:


Business-to-Consumer is a direct transaction between business and consumers


Business-to-Business is a form of transacting between businesses


Human-to-Human expands on B2C and B2B by connecting the people and their devices involved in the transaction
GSD has a portfolio of solution expertise, built over many years, to deliver effective digital collaboration.

Interaction Enabled - Inside and Out

We help you build and implement business systems which enable smooth, stable and secure interactions - both internally and externally - for improved efficiency, greater accuracy and increased productivity.
The fact is, people and systems still do need to connect, now more than ever. Even the best and most advanced systems will fail if they’re not favourably adopted by the people who work with them. At GSD we remain mindful of the human aspect of interacting with systems and so we help bridge the divide between people and technology.

Second Key: Integration.

Flow of Information

Integration is the key technical discipline enabling the flow of information between just about anything and everything in our technological world.
From online buyers to trading business entities all the way through to a vast, Internet-of-Things enabled economy, Integration is now vital to an organisation’s digital business strategy.

Making Integration Happen

GSD specialises in building custom-developed integration solutions which facilitate the flow of information and business transactions, from one system to another, one company to another and one device to another.
Over many years, GSD has developed a myriad of automated integration solutions, designed to operate either internally or externally and handling anything from elementary end-user level to complex organisational transaction flows.
Most recently, we have delivered API-based integration with Shopify™ - a leading online web store provider - utilising up-to-date technologies such as .NETCore, JSON and RESTful web services.

Third Key: Innovation.

GSD specialises in the custom development of applications and extensions which are designed collaboratively with our clients to meet their needs for innovation in specific areas of their businesses and supporting systems.
Our spirit of gaining a deeper insight to our customers' businesses not only sets us apart as business systems partners of choice but, at a more fundamental level, allows us to develop solutions which support our clients' strategic directives.
Our customers' desire to innovate resonates strongly with GSD and we endeavour to implicitely understand the drivers and requirements for this innovation. We then tailor the solution to the exact requirements in order to deliver these value-adding innovations for our customers.
Our custom development portfolio is extensive: we have developed Web-based applications, Business Intelligence solutions, custom extensions (Add-ons) for SAP Business One, custom-built data automation and a host of other innovations.

These innovations span a number of sectors: Import and Distribution, Fashion and Apparel, Retail, Rental & Hiring, Wholesale and Manufacturing

Fourth Key: Intelligence

Modern organisations have to deal with vast amounts of data on a daily, monthly and annual basis and the sheer volume of this data can be overwhelming. Moreover, data that organisations collect from a myriad of sources is often unrelated, dissimilar or mismatched.
The challenge arises in collecting, cleaning, sorting, and summarising data out of your various business repositories for Business Analysis and Reporting purposes.
As the amount of data and its sources increases, so too does the workload on your organisation's personnel to deliver the accurate and timeous information needed to manage and measure business performance.

The power of Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence (BI) delivers a comprehensive platform which empowers organisations to build and deploy secure, scalable and manageable Business Analysis solutions.
GSD specialises in BI and we have honed our skills over many years to deliver advanced, automated Analytics solutions to our customer.
These Analytics solutions provide customers with Management Reporting, Key Performance Indicators and Dashboards whose pre-built sources refresh automatically at short intervals. This gives users, managers and owners the vital insights needed - in real time - to enable confident and effective decision making without the laborious data gathering process.
We build BI solutions to analyse and report on not only traditional systems' Financial, Inventory, Sales, and Purchasing data but also to incorporate data from external sources such as spreadsheets and other data files.
Unleash the power in your data